Memories of Mabel

Memories of Mabel

“I felt sadness and a realisation of the swift passage of time, when I read in the Dispatch, of the death in Falmouth, Cornwall, of the former Miss Mabel Turton, Hunckall’s first ‘Carnival Queen’. What happy memories came flooding back of those poor but halcyon days in 1934… It’s amazing how a small notice in the obituary column can unlock the door of memories which, as one grows older, become more precious and become a bastion of the things which can be shared but not taken away. I’m sure it will of some comfort to Mabel’s family that she is still remembered with affection, I am sure, by a great many of us as our carnival queen, and I am glad I had the pleasure of seeing her in all her majesty.” (Teece, 1979)


Sample pages from my self-published book, created after recording a conversation with my mother, reminiscing about her mother, Mabel, and the traces of her life left behind.


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