Storyteller, with words and imagery.

Loves books, movies, horses, cats and generally all creatures (particularly the monsters)



From the mysterious land of Cornwall on the south-west edge of England, my name is Heidi and I love to write, create designs and make the house untidy. I like to make lists and probably watch too many movies which may well be an addiction. I also worry about the deteriorating state of the planet but have hope.


I have a fictional life wish-list (I bet you have one too!): I’d like to live in space, as long as it’s in a custom-built spaceship, complete with an anti-gravity garden and an awesome entertainment system. If I had any super-powers, they would have to include telepathy and being able to hover. If I could be like anyone from one of my favourite films, it would be Ellen Ripley, apart from having to deal with all of those pesky aliens, she’s amazing: intelligent, brave and loyal. She loves her cat too.


Photograph of Heidi's favourite cat.



2021 City in Wild Garden Writing Prize (third place), The Nature Of Cities

2016 IWR Writing Competition (winner), Iceland Writers Retreat

2015 SWIMBY Musical Promotion Design Competition (winner), ReGenSW

2014 Graphic Literature Prize (winner), Atlantic Press

2012 Word-Art Competition (highly commended), Arvon Foundation

2011 Design Competition (finalist), Stack Magazines



2021 Pomegranate Heights by Heidi Ball, City in a Wild Garden, ISBN: 978-1-989157-11-4, short story

2019 Beware Puddles by Heidi Ball, Paragraph Planet, online, micro fiction

2017 Of Morgawr and Mawnan by Heidi Ball, Tribe Media, online, flash fiction

2017 A Calculated Wish by Heidi Ball, The Drabble, online, micro fiction

2016 White Light by Heidi Ball, Iceland Writers Retreat, online, flash fiction

2015 Plen-an-Gwari by Golden Tree Productions, ISBN: 978-0-9933322-0-3, book cover and illustrations

2014 The Element in the Room by Matt Harvey, Regen South West ISBN: 978-0-9927482-1-0, book illustrations

2014 The Devil’s Noose by Heidi Ball, Atlantic Press ISBN: 978-0-9571549-4-0, short story and illustrations

2013 The Singularity by Heidi Ball, self-published zine

2011 The Progeny of Pegasus by Heidi Ball, self-published zine

2011 Tipsy Children by Heidi Ball, self-published zine

2010 Memories of Mabel by Heidi Ball, self-published zine